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Reflective Fashion, the spark of an idea

The very first reflective fashion piece I made was a pair of lung/wings, a custom back patch for a vest. Like so many things when they first begin it was messy and a little rushed. I remember holding my breath nearly the entire time I worked on this piece out. As I began I took flash pictures to capture the reflective lighting effect. Even now looking at these photos my stomach drops in excited knots. This was spring of 2013. Back then when I searched "reflective fashion" only a few stray companies popped up, but I saw immediately what could be with this material and nearly lost my mind in anticipation of what would become Reflective Society.

A low-light scene with a sewing machine in and a in-process sewing project with bright reflective elements illuminated in the shape of a wing

Just under five years ago but it feels like yesterday. This singular piece set in motion what you now see before you. I realized it was bigger than me and something I had to give back to the world: visibility. And so as soon as I "finished" this piece all a flurry I gave it to a dear friend to take as far across the world as is possible: to Australia. Sending it out to the big wild world, imperfections and all, scared the living bejeszeus out of me. But there it was, outside of myself. Out there.

I'm embarrassed to share I spent the better part of the next year running from this bright idea. Something in seeing the mixture of my passions and my hobbies literally spark shook me deep in my core. Clouded in doubt and the sense that I was not worthy of this big notion, I hid from it. I tucked it away in my closet. I made all different kinds of things reflective without a clear direction. Everything from Halloween costumes to hanging art, only to give each of these pieces away to friends and colleagues, never quite sure of myself or my vision.

A woman wearing glasses and holding a canvas in front of her torso. the canvas is black with a red anatomical heart on it and the stitching outline around the details of the hear is glowing

It took time, but I learned there is no hiding from this kind of thing.  It followed me through many life changes and transitions.And before long I found my way back to the vision I glimpsed at the onset: easily wearable reflective accessories. It took several more years to hone my work and my business sense and I remain ever learning, but deeply rooted to the reflective path.

From 2013 to today I have practiced and evolved Reflective Society into the creations you see before you. I grew up in the process of creating a business that I am truly proud of. I am forever grateful the the lessons I have learned along the way. I am also deeply grateful for the friends and family who have inspired me and encouraged me through it all. You know who you are. Without my community, Reflective Society would not and could not have become the collection it is today.

A person with her back towards the camera striking a pose with her hands on her hips. She has tattoos on one arm and wearing a brimmed hat and a bandana tucked into her back left pocket. Details on her outifit including the sweatshirt vest, hat and bandana all glow with light


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