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Hello! I am a lifelong creatrix, I’ve always enjoyed using many different mediums to create something unique. 


Reflective Society has been the fruition of years of creative exploration and a lifetime of passion.

In early 2012 I was hit by a car while biking. It got me thinking about ways I could be more seen *all around* rather than just rely on my front and rear bike lights. I began to experiment with this idea within my hobbies: knitting and sewing. I incorporated reflective elements into every-day accessories because I wanted items to be functional AND fashionable, beautiful AND safe, comfortable AND versatile. Who said being seen at night has to be a boring neon vest affair?

Each of my reflective creations are inspired by safety and fashion to promote visibility for all. Using a unique blend of knitting, sewing and fabric stamping along with 3m reflective yarns and fabrics, I create wearable reflective accessories that go from day to night for style and safety. The line was inspired for increased visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, but of course they can be worn for any occasion! 


Reflective Society is a collection of accessories that transition from stylish day wear to night-time visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Each accessory is handmade with reflective fabrics, yarns and ropes. This sleek stone-grey material is coated with thousands of minute glass beads that catch the light, as from a car's headlights, and reflect it back. You'll notice our products will also shine in dance/concert settings and even in the flash of your camera!


Keep yourself or a loved one visible and seen with our easy, personal, everyday reflective accessories!

Iris Vondell


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